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User Guide 3.3

Review Panel

A Review Panel can be made available to Test-takers, in which they can see their progress through a particular Test.

When a test-taker moves to the first question of a test, the review panel, if activated by the Test Author, will automatically appear on the left.

The review panel is divided into two parts: the first section shows information about the general Test Status, and the second section gives more detailed information on the different Test-parts.

In Test Status the following general statistics are given about the test-taker's progress:

Viewed: In the Viewed box, test-takers can see how many screens form the test, and how many of them they have already viewed.

Answered: Here, test-takers can see how many questions there are in the test, and how many they have answered.

Unanswered: Test-takers can see here how many of the questions in the test they have not answered

Flagged: The number of questions which have been flagged for later review will be shown in this box. See the section on Accessibility Tools for more information on flagging.

In the second section, the test content for each Test-part is broken down by Interaction, and organized into types, so that test-takers can see a more detailed overview of their progress.

By selecting the corresponding icon at the top of the second section, test-takers can choose to display all interactions, only the interactions they have not yet answered, or only the interactions which have been flagged for review.

Review Panel
Review Panel

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