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User Guide 3.3


The Proctoring extension allows the administrators of deliveries to monitor a Delivery. By assuming the role of proctor, a teacher or administrator is able to follow the progress of Test-takers sitting a Test, submit a report on the status of the delivery and also intervene if necessary. There are two roles involved, a proctor and one or multiple test-takers.

Follow the steps below to assign a proctor to a delivery.

1. Create a user with the role proctor

See the User Management section for details on how to do this.

Adding a Proctor as User
Adding a Proctor as User

2. Create a delivery which requires proctoring

See the Create a new Delivery section for details on how to create a delivery.

The properties pertaining to your new delivery will appear on the Canvas in the middle of the screen. Check the box Require proctoring at the bottom of the properties list, and save your delivery.

Configuring a Delivery
Configuring a Delivery

3. Log in as proctor

A list of all the deliveries which require a proctor will appear.

Deliveries requiring a Proctor
Deliveries requiring a Proctor

4. Click on monitor for the delivery you wish to proctor.

A list of all the test-takers who are logged in for this session will appear. You can filter the test-takers either by date or by status (started, terminated, etc):

Filtering test-takers according to date
Filtering test-takers according to date

Note: You will need to click on 'refresh' to see test-takers who have logged in since you logged in as proctor. If none are logged in, and you wish to continue, proceed to step 5.

You can now carry out the following actions for this delivery:

Possible Actions when Proctoring
Possible Actions when Proctoring
  • Authorize: authorize a test-taker or group of test-takers to start the session

  • Pause: Pause a session (e.g. if there is an interruption)

  • Report: Report an irregularity

  • Terminate: Stop a session (e.g. if there is a power cut)

  • History: Check the history of the session

These actions can be carried out for individual test-takers or for all test-takers.

Note: the above steps are only possible if one or more test-takers have been assigned to the delivery, and are logged in to a session. If no test-takers are logged in to the session, it is not possible to monitor the delivery.

No test-takers logged in
No test-takers logged in

Carry out Step 5 below if you wish to simulate a test situation in order to experiment with the proctoring option.

5. Testing the proctoring functionality

To try out the proctor functionality you will need to simulate a test scenario. To do this, log in as both proctor and test-taker. If this is to be done on one computer, you either need to use two different web browsers, or one browser which is set up in one instance in regular mode and in another instance in private mode.

Log in as a test-taker on one of the browsers, and as a proctor on the other. Continue the procedure above from step 4.

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