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User Guide 3.1

This is an older version of the TAO User Guide, click here for the documentation of the most recent release, TAO 3.3.

Exporting Results

Results Tables may be set up on almost any computer that has access to TAO. However, there will be situations in which posting Results on another system will be useful. Transferring Results Tables to another device can be carried out in a few easy steps.

1. Click on the Results icon in the Assessment Builder Bar.

This will show the last results table which you, or the user before you, opened. On the left-hand side of your screen you will see the Library of existing results deliveries.

2. Click on the desired Delivery in the library.

This will bring up the test results (the Results Table) associated with the given Delivery. Typically, this should be done only after the submission deadline has passed, so that all the Results can be compiled in one table.

Note: You can view the results by clicking on the blue View button to the right of a particular Test-Taker. For more information on the way the results are presented, see [Viewing Results]().

3. Click on the blue button marked Export Table on the Action Bar* at the top of the Results Table.

This brings up the names of all the test-takers who are associated with the Results Table.

Above the names are three buttons which you can toggle between, depending on the information you wish to include in the file to be exported.

Add Names/Anonymise: This controls the display of names associated with the Results Table (Anonymise appears here in red, as the names are added by default; by clicking on Anonymise the names will be taken out).

Add All Grades/Remove All Grades: This controls the display of scores associated with the Results Table (This is blue, so by default the scores are not included; by clicking on Add All Grades they will be added).

Add All Responses/Remove All Responses: This controls the display of responses associated with the Results Table (This is blue, so by default the responses are not included; by clicking on Add All Responses they will be added).

A filter control sits between these buttons and the table, and can be used to display the results based on the order in which the settings above (i.e. the variables relating to test-takers' names, scores and responses) were received. For example, you may wish to display all the variables on your screen, and then select a subset of the data to be exported using the filter.

4. Click the Export CSV File button below the Results Table.

This creates a character separated value file formatted for Microsoft Excel which can be translated into score information. Once the button is clicked, a window appears asking where you would like to save the file.

5. Select the location to which to export your Results, and then Save.

The Results Table, easily opened in Excel, can then be transferred either to a data storage device or a computer network.

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