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User Guide 3.1

This is an older version of the TAO User Guide, click here for the documentation of the most recent release, TAO 3.3.

Managing Deliveries

Deliveries provide the means of publishing and administering tests. These govern when a test is taken, by whom, and how long it is.

This section provides an overview of how to manage your Deliveries, including what you need to do to construct them, and what to do with them afterwards.

1. Creating a new Delivery

A delivery is the assembly of all information required to assign and send out Tests to selected Test-Takers.

A delivery can only be assembled after the creation of test items containing interactions, and their subsequent assembly in a Test. Profiles of the Test-takers also need to be created and then gathered into Groups.

A new Delivery can then be put together: see Creating a new Delivery for information on how to do this.

2. Using your Delivery with test-takers

Once your Delivery is assembled, the groups of test-takers identified are able to sit the assessment you have prepared within the defined scenario. The results can then be collected for the whole delivery. For details on how to view the results of your delivery, see the section on Viewing Results. If you want to transfer the results from your delivery to a different device, see the section Exporting Results.

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