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User Guide 3.0

This is an older version of the TAO User Guide, click here for the documentation of the most recent release, TAO 3.3.


Once any Item is completed, it can be previewed to determine if it performs as expected. Such performance testing is highly recommended for any Interaction prior to its use in a Test.

Previewing typically takes place after clicking Done for the completed Interaction. This will bring up the completed work on the canvas. On the button bar below the adjacent Library (to the left) it will be a series of commands, including Save, Preview, and Print.

Step 1: On the Actions Bar, click Preview.

Clicking Save before clicking Preview is certainly good practice, but it's not completely necessary as just before the preview begins, a pop-up window will appear reading that the Item must be saved anyway before being previewed (the window will appear whether the Item has been saved already or not, just to ensure that the latest version of the Interaction isn't lost during testing).

Step 2: Click the blue Save button in the pop-up window.

This brings up the Interaction as it will appear to the Test-taker. The test author may answer the question in any way to see if the Interaction performs as expected. Hitting submit will bring up in a black screen below the demonstrated Interaction the expected score resulting from the answer given.

One example of an effective testing method begins with a review of the Interaction's performance if the Test-taker answers the question correctly. This will then be followed by various ways in which the Test-taker might answer incorrectly. If the Item uses Map Response scoring, it is recommended to test ways not only to get the answer completely correct and completely incorrect, but also the various ways in which partial credit may be applied.

Step 3: Once testing is completed, click the Close button at the top of the page.

This will bring the test-author back to the point where further changes to the Interaction may be made (click on the item to return to Authoring), or where the Item can be put away until the Test is assembled.

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