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User Guide 3.0

This is an older version of the TAO User Guide, click here for the documentation of the most recent release, TAO 3.3.

Add an Extension

Extensions add functionality to TAO, providing the means to customize TAO in a variety of ways. Whether for the purpose of interfacing with existing test-taking or test-scoring software, or enhance test elements in some special way required by an institution, extensions improve upon the basic TAO program. Adding extensions is done through the Extensions Manger, accessible through the Settings icon (three gear cogs) on the far right of the Assessment Builder Bar.

Step 1: Find the Extensions manager by hovering over the Settings icon. Click to open.

The Extensions manager will be nested among other Settings options (File Sources, Result Server Manager, and LTI Consumers). When it is open, the screen will show a Settings canvas with the Extensions manager as the active tab in the row of tabs above that canvas. If another settings screen shows instead, click on the tab that reads Extensions Manager to get to that particular canvas.

Step 2: Review the Installed Extensions list and the Available Extensions list.

Installed Extensions are those extensions that are active and ready for your use. Available Extensions are those extensions that are on your server, but which have not been made active yet.

Step 3: If an Available Extension is desired, click on the check box at the end of that extension's line. When all such extensions are selected, click Install.

A confirmation message follows. Once confirmed, this action loads up the extensions selected. Once installed, the page will need to reload, but then the new extension will be ready for use.

Although each extension adds functionality, they can affect the speed of processing. It is therefore advantageous to add only those extensions that you really will need to do your tasks on TAO. Also, it should be noted that there isn't an easy way to remove an extension, once installed, so extension installation should be planned with appropriate caution.

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